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As a newspaper editor and sports photographer / writer, 

I have spent many many hours on the sidelines with a camera

in my hand. There's nothing in the world that matches

the feeling of getting that 'money shot'. You know the one -

a leaping catch at the goal line, the perfect kill over the

volleyball net, a slam dunk, or when a batter connects

with the ball for a home run. Sometimes those moments can

be tough to capture if you don't have the right gear, or the experience to know where to stand and what to anticipate.

Just as important are the team and individual sports photos,

and the individual and classroom photos because it's one of the

few ways we chronicle our children's growth and

how much they've changed on a regular basis.

Sports and school events are such an integral part

of our children's lives, but those years go by so fast.

Together we can make them last forever.

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